A podcast in your marketing plan

Podcasting is new and exiting tool for marketers. Studies tell us that more and more podcasts are being listened to, now even by half of the Dutch people, according to Markteffect Podcast Monitor. One in four listen to podcasts weekly or even daily, and this group listens to five podcasts a week on average. 65 percent listen via mobile and 34 percent via PC or laptop. Spotify and Youtube are the most popular platforms, according to the researchers.

A little clarification is in order. The really well-listened podcasts can be found in small group podcasts that have built reputation and an audience over the years. If you want to produce a series of podcasts before Christmas to reach an audience of millions, we don’t give you much of a chance. As an advertiser, you can choose to work with a podcaster, just like you do with an influencer. In the mix with social media and communication with your own customers, this can contribute to your brands recognition and reputation.

We have produced a series of podcasts for one of our customers and that has given us more insight. Launching a podcast requires PR effort and paid communication. A podcast relies heavily on reputation. That could be the reputation of the presenter, reputation of a regular guest or the reputation of the podcast itself. A nice side effect of a podcast is that you can quote from the transcript of the conversation. Useful for internal communication or PR purposes.

Do not expect many listeners when you start a podcast, 100 is already a lot. Compare that to some popular podcasts like Zelfspodcast which, they say, has 200,000 listeners every week. We see podcasts as ‘one to watch’ in most cases. For specific markets such as (fin)tech, sports and entertainment, podcasts are worth considering.