What is PR marketing

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PR marketing is a means of reaching customers and building reputation. You don’t buy PR by so much reach, it’s all about relationship, creativity and news value. PR and marketing belong together and yet they are not the same. PR is a bit of an odd one out for many marketers because PR is a […]

B2B and public relations

B2B and public relations Never underestimate the power of PR. It’s not just B2C companies that benefit from PR, B2B also yields great results from Public Relations, provided you’ve got the right PR strategy. First of all, ongoing contact and a good relationship with media, bloggers, analysts and other influencers is eminent, think of all […]

A podcast in your marketing plan

A podcast in your marketing plan Podcasting is new and exiting tool for marketers. Studies tell us that more and more podcasts are being listened to, now even by half of the Dutch people, according to Markteffect Podcast Monitor. One in four listen to podcasts weekly or even daily, and this group listens to five […]

PR and e-commerce

PR and ecommerce E-commerce entrepreneurs sometimes struggle with the use of PR. “What exactly does it yield?” is the question they often ask themselves. That’s the question you can’t ask in public relations. At least two euros for every euro you send is usually my answer. Building a relationship with media, bloggers and influencers always […]