PR agency in Amsterdam


PR agency in Amsterdam

Are you looking for  pr agency in Amsterdam? Nobudget is an agency experienced in many industries such as entertainment, travel, consumer electronics, gaming, IT, tech and food. Nobudget strives to deliver the best results for any budget. 

‘What is public relations?’, some may ask. PR brings your great stories to life and gets them covered at media and other influencers. It comes down to the right tone, the right idea en the right action.

When done right, pr is very valuable. The credibility is so much better then advertised messages. Take into account that pr-agencies are very creative when it comes to developing a campaign that’s designed to draw media attention. Then you know you want an agency like Nobudget, immediately.

Are we located in Amsterdam? Not in the city itself, but very close. Easy to reach by car, train and close to the airport.

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