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As a PR agency for food, entertainment and e-commerce, we have come up with daring ideas. By translating the complex goal into a simple and clear message. In entertainment, we bring experience from the world of games and gadgets. And as a PR agency for consumer electronics, we know about smartphones, laptops, accessories and cameras.

From the dynamics in a company we find the themes that we use as a source for all kinds of media and channels. But also in a blog, podcast or as inspiration aimed directly at the customer. We also do not shy away from creative channels. Our PR Studio formula fills the gap between PR agency and marketing agency for more results with your PR budget.

What makes PR special is the wonderful track record of the profession as a form of low-budget marketing. After all, PR agencies have always accepted the challenge of setting up campaigns with very good results with small budgets. That inspiration is where Nobudget feels at home with resounding examples from years of experience.”

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With an approach of a targeted pitch, the takeaways that appeal to media and knowledge of the media landscape we ensure an approach that produces the best results.

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