PR marketing is a means of reaching customers and building reputation. You don’t buy PR by so much reach, it’s all about relationship, creativity and news value. PR and marketing belong together and yet they are not the same. PR is a bit of an odd one out for many marketers because PR is a bit more difficult to calculate in an Excel Sheet. Marketing campaigns usually have sales results as a goal, where you can calculate how many prospects see your message and how much revenue that will generate. PR works differently, there are no guarantees in terms of reach. It is an ongoing relationship with the media, bloggers and influencers to act every moment there is something to say. Sometimes you reach more people with it than others. On balance, you will see that it yields a lot. It costs a fraction of the annual marketing budget and the publicity it generates is very valuable. ‘How many impressions do we get for this project?’ is a question we recently received. That’s exactly what you don’t buy when you opt for a PR campaign at a PR agency. It is possible, but then you are talking about digital services where impressions are purchased. That costs more. Estimating the result is possible, a PR professional can do it for you. Especially for start-ups with creative business models, but also established companies with distinctive work, PR marketing is a very good means of gaining notoriety and building a reputation. Bringing PR and marketing together and be creative, is what we like to do at Nobudget.
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